Take A Tour

Walk-ins are always welcome.

We believe the best way to truly see a childcare center in action is to “pop in” unannounced. A scheduled visit may or may not depict how the center actually operates.

Mornings are a bit busy for our director so we recommend touring between 8:15 and 6:00 so we can really give you our full attention. However, we will be happy to have you stop in any time. We are open 6:30 am through 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

If you want to see the children in action the best time to tour is 8:45-11:30.   Most of our rooms are eating lunch and napping somewhere between the 11:45 and 3:00, so this may not be the ideal time to visit. The infant room and young one year olds set their own schedule, so sleep and awake times vary from child to child in these rooms – so there is no best or worst time to visit these rooms

If you would rather not just walk-in and would like to call to schedule a tour that is fine too! Please stop in or give us a call 262-242-4453.